A screenshot of a profile page in Lightbook.


Lightbook is a social network I and another student built as part of the course TDP013 at Linköping University.

Our goal was to create a social website that made it possible for a user to register, search for other users, add other users as friends, post messages to the user’s personal page, and finally to post messages to pages belonging to the user’s friends.

Unfortunately you can no longer try it in your browser, but the source code is available here.


The site is built using Meteor which in my opinion is a great platform.

We got live page updates and data synchronization for free which allowed us to focus on making the website function as we wanted.

Obviously we first had to get used to working with Meteor, a process that was fairly easy. Not to say that we did not have issues; support for third-party packages was still in its infancy, and we did not have immediate access to the excellent iron-router that simplifed the work process immensely.