CubeScape is a 3D game I and Thomas created during the course TDDD23 at Linköping University. Since neither of us were experienced with 3D when starting, our goal was to create a game using simple geometric shapes.


We chose Unity as the game engine as it seemed to be easy to learn. Another thing that really seemed useful was the fact that Unity has a built-in scene editor. The scene editor allowed us to rapidly test different ideas and quickly make new levels.


Our intention with the design was to make it work without a need for a lot of graphical work. As we did not have any experience doing 3D and not a lot of time to work on the project we instead focused on getting something that could actually be played. One of the requirements for passing the course was to implement in-game tutorials, which we implemented as a series of hints laid on top of the world. When the user gets the hint and manages to do what it said, the hint simply disappears.

The shapes that are visible on placed cubes, the laser as well as all the hints were created from scratch. The grainy texture that is visible on all the cubes, as well as the textures used in the elevator were available in the public domain.

You can go here to play the final game in your browser. Before doing that, get the Unity Web Player if you do not have it installed already.